Frequently Asked Questions

No way! That's one of the many benefits of QuickShare Photos - no app download needed. All you need is text message! And because this makes it so easy for everyone to use, you'll get a ton more pictures!

With a hashtag, anybody can view your pictures or add new ones, so there's a definite lack of control and privacy. Plus, you aren't able to download pictures from Instagram. With QuickShare Photos, you can download your pictures anytime you want. Ultimately, you have complete control of your gallery with QuickShare Photos - the same cannot be said for Instagram!

That depends on what type of gallery you have:

  • Free: 1 week
  • Starter: 2 weeks
  • Plus: 3 weeks
  • Premium: 3 months
  • Pro: 1 year

Once your gallery has expired, your gallery phone number will no longer accept text messages. You will still be able to access and view your event gallery, though. Further, for paid galleries, you can re-use the same phone number if you choose to create another gallery using that phone number before the expiration.
Need a longer event? Contact us!

No problemo! You can create a free trial gallery any time - no credit card needed. Simply go here to get started! Then, when you're ready for the real deal, simply upgrade to a paid gallery and choose your custom phone number.

Currently, QuickShare Photos can generate phone numbers for the United States and Canada. For other countries, we have partnered with WhatsApp to allow for contributing photos via WhatsApp messaging.

Nope! Your pictures are your pictures, so download them as many times as you wish.

Yes indeed! Messages that are texted in with a picture will show up on the picture as a caption. Voilà!
You can also search on captions to only see pictures with captions similar to your search criteria. Further, if you choose to download your gallery to your computer, every picture's file name includes its respective caption, which is a great way of organizing and grouping your pictures. On the other hand, you can also turn the caption feature off if you wish.

QuickShare Photos is a private picture gallery built instantly by text messages from you and your event guests. When you create a gallery, you choose your own custom phone number that you share with guests. All pictures and messages texted to your unique phone number show up instantly on your private gallery webpage. Easy peasy!

You have a number of options:

  • Place or hand out information cards around your venue with your gallery details.
  • Text or email guests directly with your gallery information.
  • Add guests to your QuickShare Photos gallery and send out a group text message.

Sure thing! You can delete pictures from your gallery at any time.

Simply provide them with your gallery's webpage link ([your gallery's unique code])

Click the 'Download' button under the 'Actions' tab from your gallery admin page. To receive an email with a link to download your entire gallery (as a zip file), instead click the "Download Link" button.

It sure is! You can send off a text message to everyone who contributed to the gallery, directly from within QuickShare Photos. Just like sending text from your phone - type out your message, and click send!

This allows you to add pictures directly to your gallery from your computer and/or a digital camera. Very useful for when there is no way to send a picture by text message.

This allows you to add contributor/guest phone numbers to your gallery, bypassing the need for contributors to first send a text in order to join your gallery. Especially helpful if you're wanting to use the 'Direct message contributors' feature before any pictures have actually been sent to the gallery.

If you choose to 'Require Approval' for your gallery pictures, it will require that all pictures be manually approved before being added to the public facing gallery and slide show. To approve a picture, simply click/tap the green check button that shows up when hovering (desktop) or tapping (mobile) the picture. To un-approve a picture that has been previously approved, click/tap the orange 'X' button that shows up when hovering (desktop) or tapping (mobile) the picture.

They sure will! QuickShare Photos will accept any video format that the mobile service providers will allow. However, some providers (such as AT&T) convert texted video to the 3gp format, which is not supported for viewing in most browsers (other than Desktop Safari). Therefore, video is not fully supported for viewing in the gallery and/or slideshow. If you download the video file to your computer, it should play just fine, though.

After you choose the type of gallery you want, you will then be taken to a page where you can search for your own custom gallery phone number by area code. Just enter the area code for which you'd like to search for a custom phone number, and you will be presented with the available options.

There are a couple common reasons for having a keyword:
  • You are using the same phone number for another gallery that is running at the same time.
  • You want an additional layer of engagement with gallery contributors.

Each contributor's picture quality depends greatly upon their phone's camera capability. Further, each contributor's mobile phone service provider determines the maximum allowed data size for a text message, which usually ranges from 1-2 MB (but can be less). The mobile service provider will then divide the number of pictures sent in one message by the maximum data amount allowed. Thus, to get the highest quality pictures sent to your gallery, request that only one picture be sent per message, and hope they have a good phone and service provider!

There are two ways to update a guest's name:

1. By the guest themselves
2. By you, the gallery admin

If the guest is going to update their name, they simply text the gallery phone number with two hashes (##) followed by their name.
Example: ##Wayne Campbell Party Animal

If the gallery admin is going to update a guest's name, first click on the phone number you want to name, then the 'Edit' button, type the name, then click 'Save'.

Once a name is designated, every picture sent to your gallery will automatically have the guest's name included.

Sorting your gallery is super easy! Under your gallery's 'Settings' tab, click the "Rearrange Gallery" button. From there you can drag and drop your pictures to order them exactly as you'd like!

Most likely you have your gallery set to "Require Approval". Therefore, no pictures will show in your public facing gallery or slideshow until you approve them. To approve, from your gallery admin page, hover over the picture and then click the green approve check box. Once approved, they will then show up.

For any of the pictures that get texted into your gallery, the orientation of the picture is set by the sending phone service provider, and QuickShare Photos does not alter the original picture. However, with Pro galleries, a workaround is to download to your computer the picture you want to re-orient, rotate and save it, then upload back to your gallery. Be sure to remove the "old" picture so as not to have duplicates.

Yes indeed! You can add or edit picture captions by clicking the purple pencil icon button that shows when you hover a picture on your gallery admin page. You will then be able to search your gallery by the picture's caption.

Here's what you need at your venue:

  • Laptop computer
  • A projector or big screen TV
  • Wi-Fi connection (or mobile Hotspot) to connect to the Internet
  • HDMI cable (if connecting directly to the projector or TV)
  • Your gallery's URL

Why, certainly! Those with a Pro gallery can add "collaborators" to their gallery, giving them the ability to edit your gallery just as you can. Under the 'Actions' section of your gallery admin page, simply click the "Add Collaborators" button. From there you can add collaborators by their QuickShare Photos email address, and they will be sent an email invitation. If they are not yet signed up, they will be prompted to sign up first.

Keep in mind, though, that any collaborators you include will have all the same features and tools that you have for your gallery, so choose wisely. You can also choose to remove collaborators if necessary.

If you hit your gallery's limit, you will simply get a notice on your gallery admin page, allowing you to upgrade immediately. Rest assured, though, that no pictures are lost along the way. We simply hold them for you until the upgrade occurs.

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